Contra calling interest group

Do you want to know more about calling contra dances? Do you want to help people learn about calling contra dances?

This form is to collect interest in a callers group in Pittsburgh. This is not a fixed-length class, and there is no particular commitment required. Based on the people who respond, we will organize one or more introductory sessions, and the group can evolve from there based on people’s interests and goals.

If you want to learn more about calling, let us know. You don’t have to have any particular goal or commitment level. We’ll try to organize opportunities for people at any level. If you are a caller and want to offer to mentor folks or lead practice sessions or one-off workshops, let us know that too.

Bronwyn will be coordinating the initial collection of interest and the first meeting or two, and after that this will be a group effort and will go in whatever direction works for the people involved.