Council nominations wanted

At the dance on January 16, the community approved the bylaws that establish a contra council. The council is a 9 member group responsible for operating and improving the dance. The council members will be jointly covering tasks such as

  • implementing ideas for improving the dance
  • organizing volunteers to manage the hall, run sound, book talent, maintain the website, organize rides, lead publicity, and all the other tasks that need to happen for the dance to be successful
  • managing the financial wellbeing of the dance
  • responding to community feedback, concerns and questions

Since we want the council members to have staggered terms, the first council will be split into thirds based on term length. 3 people will be elected for 1 year, 3 people for 2 years, and 3 people for 3 years. If you are interested in participating for a shorter 1 or 2 year term but still getting the opportunity to help lead our dance, this is your chance!

We are now seeking community members interested in running for a seat on the council. The group who wrote the bylaws will be serving as a nominating committee to organize the slate and run the election. If you wish to be considered for membership on the board, email Gaye or Bronwyn or talk to any of us in person (Gaye, Bronwyn, John, Linda, Paula, Ted, Jo).