Lost and found from dance weekend

The following items were left at the Pittsburgh Fall Dance Weekend and have not yet been claimed.  If any of these are yours, contact Cecil.

1.    One notebook, with a label on the cover that says, “Sound Reinforcement.”

2.   One pair of men’s dance shoes, size 11, brand Bachrach.  They are black leather loafers with a silver buckle.

3.   One pair of dark blue jeans, hip huggers, brand Talbots.  No size is listed, but they look like a petite lady’s size small.

4.   One undershirt, Hanes brand, white, V-neck, short sleeved, size 38-40.

5.   One heavy pullover winter hat, off black with grey stripe, thinsulate material, “one size fits most.”

6.   One black terry cloth headband, 2 inches wide.

7.   One square kerchief, light grey with black print design, Wamcraft brand.

8.   One square kerchief, “Southwestern” style design, turquoise, burnt orange, and pink colored, Hav-A-Hank brand.  (This item was rolled and tied as a head band.)

9.   One lady’s size black sock, stretch material, no cuff.