This page is for organizing volunteers who make our dance run. It is under development and is currently meant to show options for organizers of various tasks. Once the council is elected and the volunteer management tasks are assigned, the managers can work with me (Bronwyn) to set up whatever option they prefer.

Eventually, each team of volunteers will have a page where these scheduling options, as well as a calendar of assignments can be posted.


1. Direct Sign-Up

The first option is to let users sign up directly. This gives the most visibility into the scheduling process by the volunteers. There can be one slot per task, in a first-come-first-served approach, or there can be multiple slots per task and you (as an administrator) can remove some people after all the response are in. The system will send reminder e-mails to the volunteers a day before the dance that they have signed up to help with.

Here is an example of this type of sign-up form.

[sign_up_sheet id=”1″]



2. Scheduling Survey

The second option is to set up a poll in which volunteers indicate which dates they are available, and then create the schedule after responses are received.

Here is an example of a scheduling survey.